mFab Materials Future Materials Technology that Inspires!

mFab® Materials is a R&D and manufacturing firm which develops products through patent pending technologies.

We at mFab aims to give a push to next era of innovations

Products we developed touch every sector of human life

At mFab, we explore Material Technology and seek out answers to problem of human life.

mFab symbolizes the core of technology over which mFab Materials LLP products have been developed. Be it high end fabric for brand endorsing carry bags or eco-friendly material for corrugated boxes or fibre reinforced plastics/polymers.

Our Products

Flagship Products of mFab Materials LLP

Highend Carry bags

Highend Carry bags for branding and other usages which includes carriage of costly and sensitive materials.

Packaging Boxes

Corrugated boxes are one of the largest packaging boxes used in current era of transportation of goods.

FRP Materials

Fibre Reinforced Plastics Polymers are most cost effective and highly impressive used materials in current era .

mFab is continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds of meta-materials

In mFab, we will continue our mission to explore new worlds of meta-materials technology and seek out answers to problem of human life.

mFab Markets

Packaging Industry


Automotive Industry

Construction Industry

Aerospace Industry


Client Sectors

The mFab material and fabric finds its usage in multiple industries and sectors. Some of the prominent sectors in which our material can create an edge are:

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